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General Information

Staff Members

Dr. John Beyer

Rev. Fr. Raymond Copp, SSC, PhD
Executive Vice President for Student Affairs and Counseling Services

Jettie T. Townsend, JD
Dean, School of Law

Dr. Dianala M. Bernard
Dean, School of Business

Dr. Arup Chakrabartty, MBBS, MPH, (Ph.D. in progress)
Dean, School of Health Sciences

Rev. Fr. Alex C. Nnaukwu, PhD
Dean, School of Philosophy and Religion

Rev. Fr. George Gonzalez, PhD
Dean, School of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Laureen Beyer, M.Ed, M.A, (Ed.D* in progress)
Interim Dean, School of Education

Dr. Jagmohan Bajaj, Ph.D.
Dean, European Affairs

Ehab EL Shamy, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for International Programs

Prof. Patrick Collins, PhD
Director of Business Development and Articulation

Edwin Francisco, BS

Cristina Radu
Associate Registrar for Students' Support

Busari Shaamsuddeen Akande, MBA, MS, Ph.D.
Enrollment Counselor

Helal uddin, BBA, PGD, MBA
Marketing Director

The Most Rev. William Martin Sloane, PhD
Senior Vice President for Internal Quality System