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Charisma University Announces New Dean for the School of Business

Donnie Newson, Esq.

Donnie H. Newson, Esq.
Dean, School of Business
Charisma University

Indeed, it is an exciting time at Charisma University. As the landscape of traditional education evolves from its former state to a more robust model capable of supporting an international model driven by the need to share, store, utilize, and process data, Charisma University is uniquely situated to meet the rigorous requirements ushered in by the information age. Whether your purpose or intent is to prepare for a career in civil service, academia, entrepreneurship, research and development, ministry, or one of numerous other paths, the dedicated staff at Charisma University will equip you with the tools that you need to be successful. Bring your passion, commitment, and dedication to hard work to us and we will combine it with a "world-class" curriculum to help achieve your goals. That is what Charisma University will do for you.

To that end, we would like to introduce you to Donnie H. Newson, Esq., newly appointed Dean, School of Business. Mr. Newson has served in a faculty capacity, teaching courses in Charisma University's School of Law and is passionate about education. His background is diverse and includes experience in law, business ownership, United States federal government civil service, defense systems technology, and aviation systems technology. Dean Newson takes the helm fully satisfied with the scope and direction of the School of Business and is eager to assist us as we traverse over this next level.

About Charisma University
Charisma University, Turks and Caicos Islands Ministry of Education recognized, candidate for accreditation with ACBSP and institutional member of American Council on Education offers aspiring students and professionals an opportunity to shape their careers and futures. It has always been the University goal to provide brilliant minds an education that is worth both their time and money and with the establishment of Charisma University, we believe that this goal has been achieved. The University is also committed to provide online and on-campus education that are flexible, on-demand, innovative, and utilize sound education technologies and techniques. Charisma degrees are structured to allow students the flexibility to schedule their course work around their other responsibilities. The University currently offers forty-one degree programs and three graduate certificates in its six schools: School of Business, School of Education, School of Philosophy and Religion, School of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, School of Health Sciences, and School of Law. Charisma University is committed to enhance the intellectual, personal, and professional growth of its students. This is accomplished by providing low tuition, a challenging curriculum, a highly qualified faculty, and strong academic support.