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Charisma University Launches HND conversion to BS/BA Academic Program

The leadership of Charisma University has become aware that those with Higher National Diplomas (HND) are not treated respectively like those with Bachelor's degrees. Despite the Charisma University's respect for such HND qualification, the University believes that it has more to offer by way of its Bachelor's degree program. In connection with this, Charisma University is pleased to offer a special package for HND holders to be able to convert their HNDs to Charisma University BS/BA degrees after additional few courses of 30 credits (10 courses).

An HND may be best described as vocational in nature, and could provide an individual the opportunity to gain entry into universities. Individuals commonly avail of HNDs as a stopgap measure or when they have yet to decide on what course to take in University. Meanwhile, it is common knowledge that firms hire employees because of the potential and skills that these individuals manifest. Moreover, it is presumed that as these employees grow with the company, there is every possibility that they will be subsequently promoted and assigned to carry out sensitive tasks.

In light of these, formal training in the form of professional school, graduate school or undergraduate school ought to be seriously taken into consideration. This is especially true for employees who undertake specialized tasks and cater to the whim of every kind of client. A fundamental reason to continue education beyond an HND is to acquire that specialized knowledge - and in the case of HND holders to earn their BS/BA degrees. At best, an HND holder will have the rudimentary knowledge of a certain field. However, obtaining a degree will enable the individual to narrow the range of study and develop a deeper understanding of the smaller yet salient areas. The time spent by a student in university will enhance a person's knowledge, understanding and expertise in his or her specialized area of study. These are the benefits that HND holders will be able to avail of with Charisma University.

Continuing education at Charisma University will sharpen students' minds and will enable them to think more critically. This is just not a way to learn more information. Rather, it is through the years of training that the student's skill to think independently and critically will be sharpened. This is made possible because of the wide range of courses that Charisma University has to offer. Obtaining a Bachelor's degree from Charisma University will ascertain that not only that students will be provided with the current knowledge on commercial endeavors which will enable them to discharge better service to clients, they will also be equipped with learning that will enhance their skills and potentials. Clearly, a person who has superior academic training knows more and is capable of more. With the combination of experiences those with HND have gained from their exposure with previous education/industrial training and the education that they may avail of at Charisma University, they will certainly have a long way to go. Ultimately, training students through formal education at Charisma University will prove to be the most worthwhile investment in every student part. On the part of Charisma University, this is made possible by the wide range of academic programs that the University offers. From these programs, HND holders will definitely be at an advantage.

The HND conversion to BS/BA degree at Charisma University is designed to be completed within 10 months. Two classes (6 credits) are held on every session that lasts for 8 weeks. All classes are 100% online using the University advanced technology under the tutelage of Charisma University's live professors. Transfer credits are applicable and tuition fees are based on the normal tuition as prescribed by the University which in this case is at $65 per credit for students enrolling for the June starts date. Enrolled student for June starts date pays a total fee of $390 per session. There is a graduation fee of $250 which is payable towards the last session of the student's academic plan. First cohort students will begin on June 24, 2013. Application and tuition fees deadline is on June 10, 2013. Second cohort students will begin on August 26, 2013 with application and fees deadline on August 12, 2013. New cohort students begin every other month. Please follow this link to inquire more about this HND conversion to BS/BA program:

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