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MPH 508 Public Health Internship (6 Credits)

The field experience is a 12-week (20 hr/wk) internship experience designed to integrate public health theory, knowledge and skills in a practice setting resulting in a written report with PowerPoint slides set. Critical reflection is required on the text "Public Health Leadership" by Louis Rowitz (2001) in the context of the field experience. This course is required of all learners without at least part-time paid/volunteer work in the health or human service fields.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss sentinel events in the history and development of the public health profession and their relevance for practice in the field.
  • Apply basic principles of ethical analysis to issues of public health practice and policy.
  • Apply evidence-based principles and the scientific knowledge base to critical evaluation and decision-making in public health.
  • Apply the core functions of assessment, policy development, and assurance in the analysis of public health problems and their solutions.
  • Promote high standards of personal and organizational integrity, compassion, honesty and respect for all people.
  • Analyze determinants of health and disease using an ecological framework.
  • Analyze the potential impacts of legal and regulatory environments on the conduct of ethical public health research and practice.
  • Distinguish between population and individual ethical considerations in relation to the benefits, costs, and burdens of public health programs.
  • Embrace a definition of public health that captures the unique characteristics of the field (e.g., population-focused, community-oriented, prevention-motivated and rooted in social justice) and how these contribute to professional practice.
  • Appreciate the importance of working collaboratively with diverse communities and constituencies (e.g. researchers, practitioners, agencies and organizations).
  • Value commitment to lifelong learning and professional service including active participation in professional organizations.