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ECON 123 Political Economy (3 Credits)

This course provides a foundation in political economy concepts, theoretical framework, as well as their application. This course prepares students for advanced research in political economy. It focuses on econometric methods (treatment estimation, panel data, random coefficients, nonlinear models, factor analysis, and duration models) with applications to political and economic development, war economic interdependence, economic voting, corruption, social networks, and legislative behavior. Students will discuss historical and recent issues regarding the nature of political economy. Students will also discuss different methodological approaches and their pros and cons.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Become familiar with important periods and episodes in the history of international trade.
  • Understand the institutional arrangements that currently govern international trade and finance.
  • Review the broad categories of arguments against free trade / trade liberalization (in favor of protectionism).
  • Understand the modern literature in theoretical and applied political economy.
  • Understand what economic techniques have to offer political science.
  • Understand Political Economy and its theoretical perspectives.