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BUS 872 Global Climate Change: Economics, Science and Policy (4 Credits)

We are not just living through an age of change; we are living through a 'change of age': the most profound inflection point in human history since the Enlightenment. From terrorism and nuclear proliferation to emerging technologies and economic globalization, this course will weaves together 7 powerful 'dynamic tensions' that will reshape human life in the coming decades as laid out by the textbook author. The textbook will offer breakthrough insights into how these tensions will conflict and resonate, creating giant waves of change. To answer pivotal questions, we will draw on breakthrough 'scenario planning' techniques pioneered by our textbook author: techniques hundreds of top organizations now rely on.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand scientific, ecological and economic issues underlying the threat of global climate change, and the institutions engaged in negotiating an international response.
  • Analyze climate change processes, and assessment of proposed policy measures.
  • Discuss global climate change as a key concern of the 21st century addressed by academic and civil institutions around the world.
  • Understand scientific data with the ecological and economic impacts caused by climate change.
  • Learn about terrorism and nuclear proliferation to emerging technologies and economic globalization.