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BHS 499 Capstone Project (3 Credits)

This course is for students pursuing careers in the health sciences. An independent study course is essentially an independent study project that culminates in the presentation of a term paper for academic review.

Objective: Demonstrate, high-level, writing, critical thinking, and application skills appropriate for students of the health sciences.

The course term paper represents an applied project that shall address the following issues:

  • Select a course from the concentration to revisit in greater depth: What motivated the student to select this course? Explain.
  • Identify three meaningful concepts from the course.
    • Define and describe each of those concepts in your own words.
  • Find a professional journal article (different from the one presented in the course):
    • Summarize three key findings from the article.
    • Describe how the article illustrates at least two of the meaning concepts which the student has identified.
  • Illustrate how these concepts, identified by the student, might be used in a real-world setting encountered by the student.

This term paper shall be between 15- to 20-pages in total length.