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BHS 498 Special Topics in Health Sciences (3 Credits)

Prerequisite(s): permission of instructor and undergraduate program director, and completed at least 12 semester hours of credit at the University.

This course is for students pursuing careers in the health sciences. Independent study or research on selected topics in the health sciences will be offered under the direction of a faculty member. The student is responsible for locating an appropriate faculty member who is willing to direct the research of independent study.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain concepts of the health sciences found in reports and professional papers related to the health sciences.
  • Utilize academic research skills.
  • Demonstrate strong critical thinking skills as found in student writing.
  • Prepare a report of findings and PowerPoint presentation to summarize study efforts.
  • Critically review professional journal articles, academic literature, and government/NGO reports in health sciences for illustration of course concepts.