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BHS 403 Global Issues in Health Services Delivery-Comparative Approach (3 Credits)

This course is for students pursuing careers in the health sciences. This course is an overview of the status, trends, and key issues concerning the delivery of health care services. The course will provide a comparative assessment of health service delivery issues mainly by comparing the WHO framework alongside a first, second, and third world nation's health service delivery system, looking for opportunities for the improvement of service delivery.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the key characteristics and components of a health care delivery system, per World Health Organization guidelines.
  • Describe key characteristics and components of global health care systems.
  • Evaluate the forces influencing healthcare and determine their impact on the future of healthcare delivery systems,
  • Predict the likelihood of future health system changes and how they may impact society;
  • Critically review professional journal article in health sciences for illustration of course concepts.