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BHP 401 Race, Class, and Gender in Health (3 Credits)

This course is for students pursuing careers in the health sciences. This course helps the student consider biological, social and societal factors-such as gender, race, economic/social class, etc.-that play a fundamental role in creating disparities in health. The goal is to raise awareness and help the student identify ways to lessen the impact of these factors on both the creation of public health policies and systems that seek to improve health status of a country and the equitable delivery of health services, especially to those in need. Critical reflection on the formulation of public policy objectives to reduce and ultimately eliminate heath disparities will be explored.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of health inequities.
  • Identify the role that biologic, social, and societal factors contribute to disparities in health.
  • Describe ways to lessen the health disparities in a society.
  • Explain the health inequities of various population groups in a country.
  • Critically review professional journal article in health sciences for illustration of course concepts.