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B.Ed 165 Curriculum Studies (3 Credits)

This introductory course to curriculum studies covers the following topics: principles and practices of curriculum construction and instructional design, issues and trends in educational research and development, methods and models used in evaluating educational programs, curriculum and literacy education, and practices in evaluating educational programs.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how knowledge, skills, and values are organized and structured, as well as taught and evaluated, in schools and other educational organizations.
  • Consider how the organization of learning, in places such as school, reflects broader educational aims and larger questions about the nature of knowledge, the responsibilities of the state, and the play of historical legacies.
  • Take on research questions that cut across subject areas and are informed by general theories of curriculum that speak to the whole of the educational experience.
  • Understand policy measures and procedures, textbooks and learning materials, evaluation and assessment strategies, historical and philosophical developments in school content.