Name: Dr. Howard Stoller
Title/Position: Faculty

Faculty Bio

Author/editor of the popular column "Complementary Health" Dr. Howard Stoller is among other things, an M.D.(M.A.),Certified Iridologist, RFBT and board certified LMBT. Specializing in wholistic, preventive, natural medicine, Dr. Stoller has helped many people here in South Florida and elsewhere attain, regain and maintain "optimal" health over the past 30+ Years. He presently shares an Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practice with Dr. Samuel Laffer here in south Fl. His Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine training comes through The Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, (ATOM), et al. Dr. Stoller has been on radio in South Florida as writer, host and producer since 1986 and to his credit are such shows as Ageless Aging and the Freedom Fitness Hour. He was co-host of the Four Doors to Health radio show with Dr. George Love on WNN Health Talk Radio and was the station's original inspiration to become a health talk radio station. Dr. Stoller was an administrator with the World Health Association; a charitable health care provider serving primarily indigent children and their families in Palm Beach County, Florida, where they also provided HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention education and public health screening. The WHA was among the first respondents to the victims of Hurricane Andrew. Dr. Stoller was also an administrator for Burnet International University. As WHA Program Director for the southeast region; he co-authored their Wellness program in the early 90's. Dr. Stoller led nature treks in, among others, Long Island and the Appalachian Mountains. He also studied with Chris Griscom of "Out on a Limb" fame at the Light Institute in New Mexico and taught at Hope College of Health Sciences. Dr. Stoller and his team work with addiction patients using a multi-disciplinary approach including counseling, acupuncture, Qigong and orthomolecular nutrition. Dr. Stoller also taught and practiced Lamaze Psycho prophylactic childbirth, participating in the natural birth of his two daughters. He also worked in emergency medicine as an EMT and ERT and scored in the very top percentile in the nation in the firefighter's exams/competitions contemplating becoming a firefighter/paramedic, but ultimately decided to become a physician instead. Favorite activities include: Swimming, bike riding, weight training, martial arts, archery, technical rock and ice climbing, cross country skiing, art music, photography, writing and enjoying nature.