Name: Dr. Agostino Sibillo
Title/Position: Dean, School of Law

Faculty Bio

Dr. Agostino Sibillo was born in Italy and is now an American citizen. While in Italy, he went to the University of Bari where he obtained a Ph.D. in Law. He graduated with the highest honors which is why he obtained a position at the University as assistant professor of Science of Finances. Around the same time he also published several books, and had his own law firm practicing criminal law. For the last two years, Dr. Agostino worked hand in hand with several governments for the creation of new laws for the internet privacy, cyber security and to set laws on taxation of profits generated via internet. Dr. Agostino also has a Ph.D. in Software Engineering and emerged with several patents some of the most important in the industry of Cloud Computing. For this reason many Universities, Scientists and the press all over the world consider him the Father of Cloud Computing and one of the 100 best Inventors of the twentieth century. For the last three years, Dr. Agostino has been traveling all over the World having lectures and press conferences in several Universities and Governments regarding Cyber Security Laws and Patent Laws.