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Master of Arts (MA) in Theology

Charisma University's Master of Theology program provides teachers of religious education, other professionals in the field of religion and individuals with a general interest in religion with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary theology and biblical studies. It provides opportunities to reflect on theological dimensions of professional and social life. This program also prepares students for leadership in a wide range of vocations through the cultivation of skills in the study and interpretation of Scripture. Students are trained to develop a personal, systematic theological framework, and gain understanding of the origin and growth of the Christian tradition in all its richness and diversity. The Master of Theology program also provides students to undertake a research project on a theme of personal interest or significance to their professional work. For students who pass such projects will become eligible to pursue a higher degree in Theology.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of literature and texts of theology or biblical studies from an informed critical perspective.
  • Discuss and assess current theory and research in a selected area of study.
  • Demonstrate ability to contribute to informed theological academic debate and knowledge.
  • Undertake independent research and analytical skills as applied to a research project.
  • Demonstrate excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Critically analyze theological theories, concepts and principles.
  • Explain the various forms of religious or philosophical argumentation.

Course Requirements

Foundation Courses (24 Credits)

Thesis (6 Credits)

Students must complete the below thesis course from below. This course is valued as 6 Credits.

GRES 690 Master's Thesis (must be taken at the last semester of the program, valued as 6 credits); thesis guidelines

Electives (6 Credits)

Students must complete two courses from electives. Each course is valued as 3 Credits.

ThM 530 Peace and Justice
ThM 505 Violence and Forgiveness
ThM 575 The Vatican
ThM 592 Women and the Church

Total Credits required for Master of Arts (MA) in Theology is 36. Please refer to the University Catalog University Catalog or website for admissions requirements; transfer credits policy; and tuition fees.