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Master of Religion (M.Rel)

Charisma University's Master of Religion program recognizes that religion is defined in multiple ways. Thus, this interprets the category of religion itself as an intellectually problematic and provocative concept, instead of taking a descriptive historical phenomenological or institutional perspective. The Master of Religion in Charisma University places emphasis not only on the interdependence of religion and culture but also explores insights from comparative study of the phenomena, experiences, and theories of religion. Courses include theology, philosophy, and contemporary critical theory; psychology, and ethics; feminist theory and theology; religion, ritual, and material culture; as well as various historical phenomena and movements reflecting religious periods and traditions. These include Judaic, Christian, Hindu, Graeco-Roman, Buddhist and Islamic perspectives.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and articulate fundamental principles, problems, or queries for each course with their resolutions wherever possible.
  • Demonstrate the ability to discuss integral doctrines and principles, their significance and interrelationship as well as their place in the plan of salvation for each course studied.
  • Understand the underlying culture each period studied.
  • Demonstrate the ability to research on essential religious issues and trends.
  • Gain comprehensive understanding of the phenomena of religion from the perspective of cross-cultural, historical, and interdisciplinary methods.
  • Demonstrate ability to conceptualize, analyze, and organize distinct bodies of material regarding the study of religion.
  • Explain the genealogy of religious or philosophical ideas and concepts.

Course Requirements

Foundation Courses (24 Credits)

Thesis (6 Credits)

Students must complete the below thesis course from below. This course is valued as 6 Credits.

GRES 690 Master's Thesis (must be taken at the last semester of the program, valued as 6 credits); thesis guidelines

Electives (6 Credits)

Students must complete two courses from electives. Each course is valued as 3 Credits.

ThM 530 Justice and Peace
ThM 505 Violence and Forgiveness
ThM 575 The Vatican
ThM 592 Women in the Church

Total Credits required for Master of Religion (M.Rel) is 36. Please refer to the University Catalog University Catalog or website for admissions requirements; transfer credits policy; and tuition fees.