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Master of Science in Finance

The program promises a more comprehensive training in incorporating the theories of finance into practice. As such, students will be introduced to the changing theoretical models of finance as it applies to business. Moreover, the program is also multidisciplinary in nature such that, it covers not just finance per se but also economics, management and mathematical problems. The career opportunities for individuals with a degree in Masters of Science in Finance include obtaining high positions in financial institutions, in which the primary responsibility is to do financial analysis and research and to communicate this data through reports and seminars. Given this, this program enhances the abilities of students in applying the theories that they learned into everyday business situations. This encompasses applying the appropriate methodologies, which can only be made possible through adequate knowledge and rigorous training. The program intends to strengthen gained skills and attitude of finance professionals through advance training and research requirements and further exposure to various financial fields of diverse business environment.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use professional communication skills to express understanding of financial management theory and related practices to diverse audiences.
  • Apply advanced understanding of financial decisions based on the analysis of data and founded upon relevant theories of financial economics.
  • Apply financial management principles in ways that optimize organizational resources and ensure business sustainability.

Course Requirements

Foundation Courses (30 Credits)

Electives Courses (6 Credits)

Total Credits required for Masters of Science in Finance is 36. Please refer to the University Catalog University Catalog or website for admissions requirements; transfer credits policy; and tuition fees.