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Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Charisma University's Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is intended to prepare students for professional work in Christian ministry and Chaplaincy organizations. The M.Div. program provides an in-depth knowledge of biblical leadership principles and methods, and an in-depth study of Scripture and Christian principles. Coursework places emphasis on embracing the essential values, knowledge, and skills needed to serve in a variety of roles as a pastor or chaplain. This divinity program is also great for military students looking to fulfill service requirements as chaplains for branches of the armed services or other chaplain programs. Achieving this degree and course objectives is also designed to set students on a trajectory of life-long personal, spiritual, and professional growth

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Exhibit an introductory graduate-level understanding of the Bible's content, contexts, structure.
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Christian historical and theological frameworks.
  • Demonstrate comprehension in pastoral care, counseling, and worship or liturgical leadership.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of effective leadership principles and Bible teaching skills.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to provide leadership within ministry settings.
  • Understand the broad spectrum of Christian theology and Christian history.
  • Demonstrate a synthetic and analytical understanding of the Bible.
  • Developed a competent knowledge of the biblical, theological and historical Christianity.

Course Requirements

Foundation Courses (60 Credits)

Thesis (6 Credits)

Students must complete the below thesis course from below. This course is valued as 6 Credits.

GRES 690 Master's Thesis (must be taken at the last semester of the program, valued as 6 credits); thesis guidelines

Electives (6 Credits)

Total Credits required for Master of Divinity is 72. Please refer to the University Catalog University Catalog or website for admissions requirements; transfer credits policy; and tuition fees.