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Associate of Arts (AA) Degree in Paralegal Studies

The Associate of Arts Degree in Paralegal Studies is for those students who wish to pursue a career as a Paralegal or Legal Assistant. This program will provide students with the skills and training to become effective Paralegals or Legal Assistants in Civil or Criminal Law Offices or Governmental Agencies.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • To analyze Court Decisions and write Case Briefs for Court Cases at all levels of the Judicial System;
  • To prepare legal documents under the supervision of an attorney;
  • To conduct client interviews for potential civil and criminal cases under the supervision of an attorney;
  • To know how to research and analyze current laws, statutes, regulations and Cases in Civil, Criminal and Administrative Areas of Law;
  • To develop verbal and written competencies, permitting them to think critically and communicate effectively;
  • To obtain analytical and technical skills;
  • To gain sound understanding of legal practice in the United States;
  • To work as paralegals for lawyers in both criminal and civil practices in businesses and corporations;
  • To support attorneys in litigation and transactional fields through document drafting, legal research, evidence gathering, case management, and the litigation procedure;
  • To demonstrate up-to-date skills in law office technology, including using specific applications, electronic filing, and appropriate word-processing software.;
  • To produce various legal documents, such as discovery papers, motions, pleadings, forms as well as practice preparing specific documents such as wills, real estate contracts, among others;
  • To identify and utilize the principles of legal ethics and professional responsibility;
  • To demonstrate knowledge of their profession, with insight as to the dynamic role of the paralegal, employment trends and options, licensing and certification issues, paralegal networking organizations and professional development and;
  • To cultivate substantive knowledge of the law in the following areas: the court systems, civil and criminal procedure, jurisdiction, torts, contracts, real estate, wills and estates, family and matrimonial law, and business organizations and corporations.

Course Requirements

Core Courses (24 Credits)

General Education Requirements

General Education Courses Requirements; each course is valued as 3 Credits. The general education courses at Charisma University hone students to be holistic individuals possessing critical thinking skills applicable to diverse fields of knowledge. Students must complete 36 Credits from General Education Courses distributed as follows:

English Courses (9 Credits)

Undergraduate students must complete all the three courses from English section

ENG 210 - American Literature
ENG 100 English Composition I
ENG 101 English Composition II

Communications (9 Credits)

Undergraduate students must complete all the three courses from Communication section

COM 210 Business Communication I
COM 211 Business Communication II
COM 285 Public Speaking

Humanities (3 Credits)

Undergraduate students must complete one course from Humanities section

PHIL 264 World Religion
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy

Natural Science (3 Credits)

Undergraduate students must complete one course from Natural Science section

BIO 100 Principles of Biology
CHEM 110 Introduction to Chemistry

Mathematics (3 Credits)

Undergraduate students must complete the following course from Mathematics section

MTH 257 College Algebra

History (6 Credits)

Undergraduate students must complete two courses from History section

HIS 217 Western Civilization I
HIS 218 Western Civilization II
HIS 122 American Government

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 Credits)

Undergraduate students must complete one course from Social and Behavioral Sciences section

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology
POL 100 Introduction to Political Science

Each course is valued as 3 credits. Completion of 36 credits in General Education courses are part of the graduation requirements from this program. Total credits required for this program is 60. Please refer to the University Catalog University Catalog or website for admissions requirements; transfer credits policy; and tuition fees.