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Academic Policies

Proctored Examination Policy

All final examinations are proctored. Final examinations are given during the last month of each session. The following is provided to improve test safeguards:

Institutions designated as "approved" test centers are:
1) Public Libraries
2) Public or Private Schools
3) Sylvan Learning Centers
4) Military Base Education Centers

Students will need to identify their testing locations based on the above approved test centers as well as who will serve as their official proctors. The Academic Dean will either approve or deny such proctor based on the guidelines established by the University. If proctor is approved, a letter of agreement is being given by the University for usage in this process defining the requirements of test validation and "adjunct status" be granted to the site as official proctor to the testing activities.

1) Time limits of the examination must be adhered to
2) Valid Photo ID must be presented at time of the test
3) Validation that there was no assistance provided by another person to the student during the test process
4) Test must be delivered to the Testing Site in a sealed envelope
5) Test placed in a sealed envelope date, signed, and mailed by the examining facility, not the student.

The above further validates the control of the University over the testing procedures and demonstrates that the person taking the test [is] the student who is enrolled into the course of study.  A proctor request form must be used for each time students wish to select or change their proctors.  In an effort to uphold academic integrity at Charisma University, the university pleads to anyone nominated as a proctor to ensure that no academic cheating or plagiarism has occurred during the exams. If a nominated proctor cannot for any reason help the university on this academic integrity, such proctor is not allowed to proceed with the proctoring of such exams.