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Academic Policies

Grievance Procedures

Grievances appeal at Charisma University must be addressed according to their gravity. Students send out their concerns through a link and page that are created specifically for them. A messaging system is available for them to voice out their grievances. In order to gauge the level of seriousness and urgency of the complaints or grievances, the messaging system should be sorted out according to the kind of concern the students have. Potential concerns could be regarding their course modules, the system of their programs, their professors and grades. According to these problems, the Dean of students will schedule an online chat with the students in order to better address and hear the concerns they may have. If concerns are too serious for it to be done online, it will be the only time personal meetings will be scheduled. Otherwise, those that could be solved through the messaging system would be done so. Evaluations of the professors’ performances will be monitored through the activity that goes on online, as the Dean of students will have access to message-exchanges and any kind of activity between professors and students.