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Academic Policies

Academic Honesty Policy

At Charisma University, quality graduates are meant to be produced. The University upholds academic integrity, and enforces to its students the need to recognize and respect one's intellectual property. Any form of academic dishonesty from any student constitutes a serious offense and warrants penalty. Academic dishonesty is classified as follows: Plagiarism, Cheating, Falsification of academic records, and Fabrication. First instance of academic dishonesty must be discussed with the course instructor and the student. The course instructor has right to one of the following options: withdrawing such student from that course, assigning a failing grade to such student in that course, or referring the case to the academic review board. Academic dishonesty cases referred to the academic review board calls for a formal hearing, which the concerned student needs to attend. Formal hearings are conducted via telephone conference call. The academic review board is composed of five faculty members appointed by the college dean. Recommendations made by the academic review board are forwarded to the college dean who has the final right to decision. Second instance of academic dishonesty warrants immediate expulsion from the university. Second instance of academic dishonesty from any student is recorded in such student's academic permanent record. Student's expelled from the university as a result of academic dishonesty remains inadmissible to the university.