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PhDTh 811 Theology of Marriage & Family (4 Credits)

Theology of Marriage & Family focuses on marriage and family studies with particular attention on Christian ethics, sacramentality and anthropology. This course prepares students for different ministries, such as marriage enrichment, marriage education, youth leadership and adult faith education. This course is a doctorate level study of Christian philosophical and theological thought, pastoral care and human sciences. There will also be in-depth discussion of contemporary thought and trends in marriage and family issues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain advanced knowledge about theological and philosophical anthropology, fundamental theology, practice and theology of natural family planning, as well as the Christian perspective on evaluation and culture of the human sciences.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge about the origins, history and doctrinal growth of the Christian tradition of family and marriage.
  • Critically analyze modern human society trends with regards to marriage and family.
  • Undertake a critical assessment of key Christian thinkers on marriage as well as the issues that have emerged in this area.
  • Be able to apply Church teachings to help in the formation of marriage and family well-being.
  • Discuss the interrelation between adult faith education and Christian marriage and how these impact future family life.