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MATESOL 605- Teaching Reading and Writing to Second Language Learners (3 Credits)

This course will explore the techniques and approaches for teaching reading and writing to second language learners. Participants will gain experience in designing curriculum, creating materials and developing evaluation instruments for assessing reading and writing skills of second language learners.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine research regarding second language reading and biliteracy.
  • Identify characteristics and instructional strategies of beginning and intermediate readers.
  • Describe instructional reading strategies for SLL students.
  • Describe the benefits of process writing for SLL students.
  • Evaluate the use of peer collaboration and editing in writing.
  • Describe fundamental principles of writing curriculum.
  • Examine research on how the integration of reading and writing influences literacy development for SLL students.
  • Integrate content area strategies for reading and writing.
  • Analyze how thematic units enhance reading and writing skills.
  • Identify the support needed for SLL students during thematic studies.